Baseline Services and Financial Overview - Cities of Lewiston and Auburn, Maine

CGR was engaged by the Joint Charter Commission of the Cities of Lewiston and Auburn, Maine, to evaluate the potential impacts of a municipal consolidation. To inform the analysis, CGR completed a comprehensive review of services, governance structures and resource allocation in both cities, the State of Maine’s 2nd- and 5th-largest. Services reviewed included police, fire, public works, education and general municipal operations. Two reports were produced to inform the Commission’s and public’s consideration of consolidation options: First, a baseline (existing conditions) review of all current functions, service levels, assets and liabilities; second, a presentation of consolidation options on a service-by-service basis, along with projections of the fiscal and service-level impacts that would result from consolidation.

Report Date: May 2016
Author(s): Joseph Stefko , Paul Bishop , Katherine Bell
Subject(s): Shared Services/Consolidation
Location: Androscoggin, Maine

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