Allegany County Shared Services Plan

In 2017, New York State introduced a new initiative designed to generate property tax savings by facilitating operational collaboration between local governments. Known as the Countywide Shard Services Initiative (CWSSI), it established a shared services panel in each county. Chaired by the chief executive officer of the county, the panel was tasked with working to help develop, and ultimately approve, a countywide shared service property tax savings plan through intergovernmental cooperation to find new opportunities to share and coordinate services. Allegany County engaged CGR to provide analytical and planning support to its process. The final plan spanned nine core “opportunity areas,” deemed by the panel to be achievable and capable of producing savings through collaboration, and six additional opportunity areas that, while discussed as part of the CWSSI planning process, did not rise to priority level and will continue to be explored.

Report Date: Sep 2018
Author(s): Joseph Stefko , Paul Bishop , Steve Hanmer
Subject(s): Shared Services/Consolidation , Financial/Budgetary Analysis
Location: Allegany, New York

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