Review and Analysis of Proposed 2019 Budget

Starting in 2017, the Rockland County Legislature engaged CGR to review and analyze the proposed 2018, 2019 and 2020 Executive Budgets for Rockland County. Each year, the CGR's report was comprised of three components. First, CGR reviewed a series of contextual elements, including budget priorities, economic trends, alignment with community plans, which are important for understanding the proposed budget. Second, reviewing the proposed budget on a fund basis, CGR identified major year-over-year changes. As part of this, CGR offered analysis of the budget and its underlying assumptions, including a line-item review, identifying (where applicable) cost and / or revenue line-items where our analysis indicated additional budgetary flexibility to adjust appropriations and / or revenues within the context of a balanced budget. Third, we presented a summary of budgetary elements the Legislature requested that CGR review in further detail, including staffing, vacancies, pension benefits, health insurance costs, and sales tax projections.

Report Date: Nov 2018
Author(s): Joseph Stefko , Steve Hanmer , Amelia Rickard
Subject(s): Financial/Budgetary Analysis
Location: Rockland, New York

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