Feasibility of Creating a Central Business Office for Sullivan County BOCES and Component Districts

Faced with enrollment declines, increased operating expenses, and steep reductions in state aid, the Sullivan County (NY) BOCES engaged CGR to determine whether there are cost savings and efficiencies from combining business office functions for any of 7 participating school districts. CGR provides 4 models that give the districts an understanding of what a CBO might look like if they contract with BOCES for a suite of core business functions; outlines interim paths to implement the CBO; and provides a cost-benefit tool to determine, depending on which services are combined, the range of cost savings.

Report Date: Nov 2009
Author(s): Charles Zettek , Jaime Saunders , Jaime Saunders
Subject(s): Government Management , Shared Services/Consolidation , Education
Location: Sullivan, New York

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