Government Reorganization Feasibility Study for the Village of Medina and Surrounding Towns

The Village of Medina and the Towns of Ridgeway and Shelby commissioned CGR in 2010 to assist an Inter Municipal Study Committee to explore potential benefits of sharing services and merging the Towns, and/or dissolving the Village. The project was paid for in part by a NYS Local Government Efficiency (LGE) grant. The final report to the community by the Committee recommends that the three communities continue pushing for enhanced shared services, and ultimately, to proceed with consolidating Medina, Ridgeway and Shelby into a single government. If the three governments pursue that approach, a plan will need to be developed and presented to the voters to decide whether the consolidated entity should become a city or a town.


Report Date: May 2011
Author(s): Charles Zettek , Vicki Brown
Subject(s): Shared Services/Consolidation , Government Reorganization/Dissolution
Location: Orleans, New York

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