Options for the Future - A Report for the Village of Painted Post and the Town of Erwin

Facing serious fiscal challenges, the Painted Post NY village board appointed a committee to examine options for the future and project related financial and property tax impacts. In its December 2011 report, the committee provides a strategic framework for creating a more cost effective way to deliver local government services within the village and the surrounding Town of Erwin. Options outlined range from easier-to-do shared services and functional consolidations between the village and town to complete dissolution of the village. Efficiency savings, stated conservatively, range from $26,000 to $234,000 annually, with village dissolution resulting in the highest savings. CGR assisted the committee.


Report Date: Dec 2011
Author(s): Charles Zettek , Vicki Brown , Vicki Brown
Subject(s): Government Reorganization/Dissolution , Shared Services/Consolidation
Location: Steuben, New York

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