Economic Impact of the University of Rochester: Measuring the Regional Stimulus Provided by New York State's Seventh Largest Private Employer

The University of Rochester (UR), which employs more than 23,000 people, is NY's 7th largest private employer. In 2011, UR continued to expand, adding infrastructure and driving research-related dollars to the Rochester region even as the local, state and national economies struggled to regain their footing. CGR analysis shows that, in 2011, more than 31,500 jobs resulted from the activity of the University, generating an estimated $1.7 billion in wages for the Rochester region. More than $408 million is now flowing into the region annually for cutting-edge research that serves as a catalyst across multiple economic sectors. All indicators are up from CGR’s analysis of UR’s economic impact in 2009.

Report Date: Jun 2012
Author(s): Kent Gardner , Scott Sittig , Scott Sittig
Subject(s): Economic Analysis
Location: Monroe, New York

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