Village of Mannsville Dissolution Study, Plan and Alternatives

Mannsville is a small village (population 354) in the Town of Ellisburg, located in northern NY. In late 2012, a study committee explored the impact of dissolving the village and developed a report and dissolution plan. The committee estimates Mannsville taxpayers will experience a 40% decrease in their tax rate with dissolution while residents in the town outside of the villages (Mannsville and the Village of Ellisburg) will experience a slight increase of 4%, without factoring in incentives provided by NYS when 2 municipalities consolidate. The Mannsville village board endorsed the dissolution plan in December 2012. Following a public hearing, the board will decide whether to hold a referendum on dissolution.


Report Date: Nov 2012
Author(s): Kent Gardner , Jill Symonds , Scott Sittig
Subject(s): Shared Services/Consolidation , Government Reorganization/Dissolution
Location: Jefferson, New York

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