Estimating the Economic Impact of a New T-Mobile Customer Experience Center in Nassau County, New York

In November 2019, T-Mobile US and Sprint Corporation announced plans to locate the fourth of five New T-Mobile Customer Experience Centers in Nassau County, New York, pending a proposed merger of T-Mobile US and Sprint Corporation. CGR was selected on a sole source basis to conduct. This project is expected to be a significant jobs hub for T-Mobile, creating up to 1,000 positions. T-Mobile engaged CGR in November 2019 to assess the potential economic and fiscal impacts of this project across the region (i.e. Nassau and Suffolk Counties). T-Mobile previously engaged CGR to conduct a similar analysis of the Rochester-area Center. As part of the project, CGR developed projections for the fiscal impact of the center based on different levels of staffing to assist local communities understand the impact of the project.

Report Date: Dec 2019
Author(s): David Riley , Michael Silva
Subject(s): Economic Analysis
Location: Nassau, New York

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