Public Funding for Charter Schools - An Analysis for Rochester

CGR was engaged by Geoffrey Rosenberger to analyze public funding for charter schools in hopes of comparing total levels with funding for traditional public schools. We interviewed school officials and reviewed documents from one new Rochester charter school (the Academy for Health Sciences, which opened this academic year) and a more established network of charter schools (the Uncommon Schools Rochester Prep set of six schools) in order to explore the full range of ways that charter schools receive public support, beyond the per-pupil allocation from the state. Our research and analysis found charter schools vary in the level of public funding they receive – while per-student allocations are consistent, different schools have access to different grant and funding streams. However, an accurate comparison to Rochester City School District funding levels was not feasible.

Report Date: May 2020
Author(s): Erika Rosenberg , Alice Carle , Kent Gardner
Subject(s): Education
Location: Monroe, New York

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