Orleans County Preliminary Directions For Community Planning and Youth Asset Development: Inventory for Services, Community Perceptions, Issues and Data (Genesee/Orleans Integrated County Planning for Children, Youth and Families)

Working in conjunction with the Genesee/Orleans Youth Bureau and with the Genesee and Orleans County Departments of Human Services, CGR coordinated their joint integrated planning project, and helped develop a comprehensive vision of the strengths, resources and services Genesee and Orleans County already had in place and those that needed to be enhanced to maintain sufficient resources for children and families. The study centered on six major themes or focus areas: economic security, physical and emotional health, education, citizenship, family, and community. Among other things, the study focused on the development of community assets needed by both children and families.

Report Date: Oct 1999
Author(s): Donald Pryor , Sarah Boyce
Subject(s): Human Services
Location: Orleans, New York