Worksite Wellness in Rochester, NY: Part I - Best Practices and Lessons Learned & Part II - Survey Results

CGR was engaged by the Rochester Business Alliance to complete a two-part study on worksite wellness issues. Part I included a summary of worksite wellness metrics and best practices based on findings in the literature, identified examples of worksite wellness initiatives nationwide, and described important resources available to employers of any size interested in starting a worksite wellness program. For Part II CGR designed a survey of employers and employees regarding perceptions on worksite wellness issues. The survey found that stress and tobacco were top issues cited by employers as affecting worker productivity. The major barriers for employers in implementing worksite wellness programs are the lack of time to administer programs and concerns about cost. For employees, the desire to improve their health is a top motivator for worksite wellness participation. Employees' top barriers to participation are a lack of time and a self-reported lack of need for such programs.

Report Date: Jun 2007
Author(s): Kent Gardner , Sarah Boyce , Scott Sittig
Subject(s): Health , Surveys & Analysis
Location: Monroe, New York