Seneca County Community Profile 2007: How Well Are We Doing?

A broad-based partnership in Seneca County (NY) – engaged in a strategic planning process designed to set community priorities, determine future resource allocations, and effect needed community change – turned to CGR for assistance. In conjunction with the partnership, CGR developed a county profile that documents demographic trends affecting the county, and provides current and historical data on 60 measures that illustrate community progress against 13 “quality of life” priority areas. The baseline profile, which will be updated periodically, enables community leaders to assess the impact of various initiatives, set future priorities and develop corrective actions for those areas where the community is falling short.

Report Date: Dec 2007
Author(s): Donald Pryor , Erika Rosenberg , Kathiann Willis
Subject(s): Census Data Interpretation , Human Services , Community Indicators/Needs Assessment
Location: Seneca, New York

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