Herkimer County Highway Shared Services/Consolidation Study - Options for Increasing Efficiency

CGR completed a report that evaluated ways that the 31 local governments in Herkimer County might be able to maintain roads and bridges within the County more efficiently. The report is designed to be a long range planning document for the local governments. Using GIS mapping along with data about expenditures, personnel, equipment and facilities, CGR concluded that the most efficient way to deliver highway services in the long run would be to consolidate the 19 town and 1 county barns into 8 zone barns, and to have the county contract with the towns to provide both summer and winter maintenance to county roads under contract to the county. This plan would result in net cost reductions of $875,000, or roughly 2.7% of the current $35.5 million spent by municipalities across the county on routine road and bridge maintenance, plus other efficiencies without compromising current service levels.

Report Date: Apr 2011
Author(s): Charles Zettek , Erika Rosenberg , Katherine Bell
Subject(s): Government Management , Shared Services/Consolidation
Location: Herkimer, New York

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