Future of Fire Service in Byron, NY - Baselines and Options Report

CGR completed an in-depth analysis of the provision of fire protection in Byron, NY in Genesee County. The report identified several options for the Town Of Byron, Byron Fire Department and the South Byron Fire District to consider related to potential changes in the fire service. The report highlighted that the two rural fire departments provide good quality service to the community in a fiscally responsible manner. There are some small opportunities to improve the current level of service including enhanced training and cooperative planning. Five options were identified for the future including maintaining the status quo, creating a single fire department, creating a fire district, contracting for fire protection from neighboring jurisdictions and seeking a large scale merger with multiple departments. A committee including representatives from the Town Board, both fire departments and interested community members has been formed to review the report. They will be meeting to form consensus recommendations to share with the Town Board and leaders of the fire departments.

Report Date: Feb 2014
Author(s): Joseph Stefko , Paul Bishop , Paul Bishop
Subject(s): Government Management , Public Safety
Location: Genesee, New York

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