Rochester's Department of Recreation and Youth Services - Maximizing the City's Supports for Children and Youth

CGR was engaged by the City of Rochester to provide an inventory and resource analysis of its Department of Recreation and Youth Service (DRYS), compile information on similar programs and services offered by local nonprofits and governments, and benchmark the department’s operations to other cities. CGR found that, compared to 5 benchmark cities, Rochester's department has more of an intentional focus on youth development and a broader overall scope, combining recreation, preventative programs and youth employment in a single city department. Further, Rochester's investment in recreation centers and operating costs is higher than 4 of the benchmark cities, but Rochester is lower in terms of full-time staffing than 3 of the 5 benchmarks.

Report Date: Aug 2013
Author(s): Erika Rosenberg , Kirstin Pryor
Subject(s): Human Services , Shared Services/Consolidation , Children & Youth Services
Location: Monroe, New York