Substance Abuse in Ontario County - Tracking Recent Trends

CGR was asked by the Partnership for Ontario County to collect and analyze data on substance abuse trends to inform the Partnership’s ongoing efforts, including a strategic planning initiative. We consulted a variety of national, state, and local data sources to compile a list of relevant indicators, then collaborated with a leadership group from the Partnership to select those measures that were most directly relevant to substance abuse issues in Ontario County, and those for which data were readily available.
Our team analyzed available data and summarized trends into four categories: Substance Use and Abuse, Treatment, Impact of Substance Abuse, and Risk Factors. Together, the indicators combined to paint a portrait of a county winning the fight against substance abuse in some areas and losing ground in others, and help the Partnership identify priorities for the future.

Report Date: Jan 2015
Author(s): Erika Rosenberg , Henry Druschel
Subject(s): Human Services , Health
Location: Ontario, New York

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