University of Rochester & Affiliates: 2015 NYS Economic Impact

The University of Rochester (UR), which employs nearly 29,000 people, is NY's 6th largest private employer. Looking at the University’s entire economic footprint, CGR estimates that the direct and spillover impact of the University’s employee wages and spending, purchases, capital investments, and visitor and student spending, is responsible for about 56,000 jobs and $3.2 billion in total wages across New York State. In 2015, UR continued to expand, adding infrastructure and driving research-related dollars to the Rochester region. New initiatives include the Goergen Institute for Data Science, the Golisano Children’s Hospital Phase II, the Laboratory for Laser Energetics Pulsed Power Initiative, and the new High Tech Rochester Business Accelerator in Sibley Square in downtown Rochester.

Report Date: Jun 2016
Author(s): Kent Gardner , Michael Silva
Subject(s): Economic Analysis
Location: Monroe, New York

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