Reimagining Law Enforcement in Tompkins County - Baseline Examination of Law Enforcement Services

CGR conducted an evaluation of existing law enforcement in Tompkins County, the City of Ithaca and the villages of Cayuga Heights, Dryden and Groton. The project focused on determining what services exist and how they are currently performed, then identified a series of options for potential changes to law enforcement. As part of the baseline, the project team conducted a sample survey, available to all residents of Tompkins County, to solicit their opinions of the existing operations. The options were discussed in a series of public meetings to gauge support for potential changes.

Tompkins County LESS Website

Tompkins County LESS Data Explorer

Report Date: Jul 2017
Author(s): Paul Bishop , Amelia Rickard , Katherine Bell
Subject(s): Public Safety , Criminal Justice , Shared Services/Consolidation
Location: Tompkins, New York

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