Organizational Assessment of Cayuga County Government - Opportunities for Improvement

In 2017, the Cayuga County Legislature began a comprehensive organizational assessment to look for opportunities that would streamline, refocus and reorganize operations. Facing stagnant revenue growth from a limited number of sources and having completed several cost cutting efforts in recent years, the County sought to take a comprehensive look at how departments are structured to conduct public business. With an eye towards generating savings through efficiency, economies and synergism, the County sought opportunities to combine departments and operations where they were unproductively siloed. CGR examined current county organizational structures to identify policies, procedures and other factors that impede productivity and effectiveness; explored alternative ways to organize that would enable the County to deliver services in the most efficient and effective manner possible; and recommended options for County reorganization. CGR produced more than two dozen recommendations for improvement, both intra-departmental and organization-wide in nature.

Report Date: Mar 2018
Author(s): Joseph Stefko , Paul Bishop , Amelia Rickard
Subject(s): Government Reorganization/Dissolution , Financial/Budgetary Analysis , Organizational Development
Location: Cayuga, New York

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