Early Childhood Collaboration in Western New York - Collaborative Efforts to Improve Systems and Outcomes for Young Children

Western NY Funders for Early Childhood retained CGR in 2019 to study how organizations across Western New York collaborate to improve outcomes for the region’s youngest residents. Liftoff, a group of more than two dozen funders, asked CGR to gather and analyze information about coalitions, councils and other collaborative groups in Western New York that align with Liftoff’s three priority areas: universal screenings leading to kindergarten readiness; high-quality child care; and transportation for families with young children. CGR interviewed more than 45 individuals working on early childhood issues in the region and identified more than 30 collaborative groups or initiatives working in Liftoff’s priority areas. CGR’s final report identified several opportunities for Liftoff, including development of a region-wide, broad-based early childhood collaboration to coordinate efforts and promote alignment, as well as providing support for collaborative infrastructure and early childhood policy and advocacy work. CGR also produced for Liftoff a searchable inventory of collaborative groups or initiatives.

Report Date: Jun 2019
Author(s): Erika Rosenberg , David Riley
Subject(s): Children & Youth Services , Strategic Planning , Surveys & Analysis
Location: New York State

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