Central New York Nonprofit Capacity Building - Assets, Needs & Opportunities

This report and related CNY Asset and Gaps/Needs Map identifies the capacity building needs and assets of nonprofit organizations in an eight-county region of Central New York (CNY). Commissioned by the Health Foundation for Western and Central New York (HFWCNY), CGR partnered with the Community Health Worker Network of Buffalo to conduct the study which included best-practice research, a survey of nonprofits, interviews, and focus groups. Special emphasis was placed on capturing and highlighting the voices of frequently marginalized groups that often do not have access to traditional capacity building resources. Capacity building challenges in CNY included fundraising and development, board governance, succession planning, recruiting and retaining diverse staff and board members, and using data for evaluation and strategic learning. Assets included dedicated staff, networks of support, and grass-roots organizations’ ability to authentically engage community. The project also identifies participant-generated ideas for addressing capacity building needs. Data in the report and interactive map serves as a tool for the HFWCNY to engage the nonprofit community, inform its planning, and serve as a resources for other local funders.

Report Date: Aug 2019
Author(s): Erika Rosenberg , Barbara Zappia , Alice Carle
Subject(s): Human Services , Health , Surveys & Analysis
Location: Onondaga, New York

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