University of Rochester & Affiliates - New York State Economic Impact 2019

The University of Rochester (UR) engaged CGR to assess the economic and fiscal impact of the University and its affiliates on the State of New York during 2019. This report is the eighth in a series of reports exploring the impact of the University since 2006. Total employment—both direct and spillover—more than doubled over the period, reaching 68,000 in 2019. hile these reports have previously been issued biennially, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed issuance of the 2019 report beyond the typical following-year (2020) release date into 2021. As with previous reports, CGR analyzed the broad diversity of specialized academic schools and affiliated organizations to develop a profile of the University’s wide-ranging economic and fiscal impact. Education and healthcare are a major part of New York’s economy. The Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates that 15% of all jobs and 12% of all earnings in New York State are attributable to the education and healthcare sectors. The importance of these two sectors is especially notable in Upstate New York. With approximately 32,500 employees (an estimated 28,000 full-time equivalent or FTE), the University of Rochester (and its affiliates) is the largest private employer in Upstate New York and ranked seventh across the Empire State in terms of full-time equivalent employment. These employment figures are growing. UR directly employed about 1,700 more in 2019 than in 2017 (a 5% increase).

Report Date: Aug 2021
Author(s): Kent Gardner , Kieran Bezila , Michael Silva
Subject(s): Economic Analysis
Location: Monroe, New York

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