DMV Operations Study - A Report for Oneida County

The Oneida County Board of Legislators retained CGR to study and recommend improvements to operations in the County’s Motor Vehicles Bureau. Also known informally as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the Bureau is operated by the Oneida County Clerk’s Office. CGR gathered and analyzed data about DMV transactions and revenue; toured DMV facilities; interviewed DMV managers and staff; observed DMV operations; interviewed customers following transactions at the DMV; and gathered information from DMV managers in Broome, Niagara and Oswego counties for comparison. Our study found that Oneida County’s two DMV branches in Utica and Rome served distinct needs, with Utica handling a disproportionate share of non-driver IDs and Rome managing a high number of motor vehicle sales. Staff turnover and retention were significant areas of concern, as was the fact that DMV expenditures were exceeding revenues. CGR recommended increasing entry-level pay for DMV staff based on a comparison to similar counties; adopting a clear training program for new staff; assigning staff to assist customers with navigation at both DMV locations; streamlining transactions where feasible; and replacing or upgrading the County’s queuing system.

Report Date: Mar 2022
Author(s): Paul Bishop , David Riley
Subject(s): Government Reorganization/Dissolution , Organizational Development
Location: Oneida, New York

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