Niagara County Workforce 2000:Phase 1 Recommended Opportunities and Next Steps (Niagara County Legislature) March 2000

In what was originally conceptualized as an assessment of government efficiency and workforce needs of Niagara County government, CGR worked with County officials to broaden the scope of the project to a strategic reassessment of the purposes and functions of County government. In a March 2000 report, CGR recommended that County government as a whole rethink how it functions and restructure itself in various ways – including cross-system streamlining, collaboration, and service integration – to best address a variety of changing circumstances impacting the County and its resources. In a follow-up phase, at the invitation of the County Legislature, CGR also led the Legislature and County department heads in a strategic planning process which resulted in the adoption by the Legislature of a prioritized work plan and timeline for addressing the remaining recommendations in the CGR report.

Report Date: Mar 2000
Author(s): Donald Pryor
Subject(s): Government Reorganization/Dissolution , Workforce Development
Location: Niagara, New York