Behavior Issues in Early Childhood Programs in Monroe County - October 2001

CGR completed a comprehensive analysis of the extent to which childcare providers were being asked to serve children with severe behavioral problems. Prepared for the Children & Youth Services Intervention Council of Monroe County (NY) and the Children & Youth Services Development Initiative, the study concluded that childcare providers identified almost 3,500 children as having specific behavioral issues considered to be disruptive to program activities. Almost 90% of the county’s childcare centers reported having children enrolled at any given time with serious behavioral problems. The study resulted in more than 25 recommendations for improving the overall childcare system, and for targeting support services strategically to have the greatest impact on improving the way the system responded to children with behavioral problems. A number of new initiatives were developed in the community in response to issues raised by the study. The study was one of many CGR has conducted over the years that have helped shape the Children & Youth Services network of services throughout Monroe County.

Report Date: Oct 2001
Author(s): Donald Pryor
Subject(s): Health , Children & Youth Services
Location: Monroe, New York

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