Reorganizing the Rochester Police Department: An Analysis of the Rochester, NY Police Department Patrol Division

Since the 1970's, the Rochester New York Police Department had been working under an organizational structure of seven patrol sections. Changing crime trends and the need to build a more responsive and effective police department prompted the department to look at reorganizing. As recommended by CGR, the department will be consolidated from seven sections into two sections to provide more equitable workloads across employees and better crime fighting services to the community. The building blocks for the new sections will no longer be one-car patrol beats, but multi-car patrol service areas. This will give the department much more flexibility to assign officers to areas based upon real-time demand. CGR based its analysis on calls for service data, staffing records and extensive interviews with personnel.

Report Date: Oct 2003
Author(s): Charles Zettek
Subject(s): Criminal Justice , Government Management
Location: Monroe, New York

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