Rochester and Monroe County Community Profile: How Well Are We Doing?

CGR provided multi-year assistance to the United Way of Greater Rochester in the development and implementation of a community-wide profile for Monroe County (NY). CGR’s work in this area was supported by the local United Way, area foundations, the City of Rochester and Monroe County. The first community profile, produced by CGR in 1999, assessed progress on more than 100 measures within five broad impact areas. In addition to a discussion of the data for each measure, the profile included a summary of trends, themes and implications for each impact area. In 2000 and 2001, CGR provided the United Way with updated data tables. In 2003, CGR updated the entire community profile. The community profile was widely distributed and became a valued resource for the human services community for planning and priority setting.

Report Date: May 2003
Author(s): Donald Pryor
Subject(s): Community Profiles , Human Services
Location: Monroe, New York

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