An Evaluation of the Neighborhood Empowerment Team (NET) Office in the City of Rochester Options for the Future

In 1997, the City of Rochester introduced a new organization – the Neighborhood Empowerment Team (NET) Office - to focus resources to improve the quality of life in City neighborhoods. NET created six satellite offices throughout the City where code enforcement personnel and police officers work jointly with neighborhood residents to reduce urban blight, nuisance and criminal activities. The City asked CGR to evaluate whether the $8 million spent annually on NET is a cost-effective way to address quality-of-life issues. CGR’s report identified problem areas, ranging from vague goals to inconsistent enforcement; spelled out important actions the City should take, including separating code inspection and enforcement functions; and proposed four options that the new City administration could consider for reorganizing the functions currently provided by NET.

Report Date: Jan 2006
Author(s): Charles Zettek , Vicki Brown
Subject(s): Evaluation , Government Reorganization/Dissolution
Location: Monroe, New York

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