Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection Evaluation Performance Assessment: 2006 Update and Future Implications

The Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection, established in 1987, works with at-risk students in the Rochester and Syracuse NY public school districts, with the goal of keeping students in school through graduation. Recently, with support from the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, CGR completed its third assessment of the program. In the latest evaluation, CGR found the model remains conceptually sound and worthy of community support, but the program is also facing important issues and challenges. CGR called the 2006-07 academic year a pivotal one for the program, and said addressing the identified issues will demand the full attention of Hillside leadership, program management and the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection board.

Summary Report

Report Date: Feb 2007
Author(s): Donald Pryor , Erika Rosenberg , Rebecca Sumner
Subject(s): Evaluation , Children & Youth Services , Education
Location: Monroe, New York