Community Status Report on Children: Establishing Baseline Measures and Investments for the 2010 Community Action Plan for Greater Rochester's Children

In late 2009, The Children’s Agenda, a nonprofit advocate for Rochester NY children, released its Community Action Plan for Greater Rochester’s Children. After the report’s release, local government and community leaders asked CGR and the Children’s Agenda to provide baseline measures so they could better understand how well the community is currently serving children and what it will take to meet the goals of the action plan. Our report identifies the number of current quality programs, amount of resources invested, the proportion of children served in quality settings, and what is needed to meet the 2015 goals for 3 key areas: home visitation, early education and care, and after-school programming. The report also makes suggestions for addressing juvenile justice and youth violence issues.

Summary Charts

Report Date: Feb 2010
Author(s): Donald Pryor , Jaime Saunders
Subject(s): Children & Youth Services , Human Services
Location: Monroe, New York

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