Hamlin, Morton, Walker Fire District Consolidation Study - Baseline Review and Analysis of Options

CGR completed a consolidation study for the Fire Districts of Hamlin, Morton and Walker. The districts are located primarily in the northwest quadrant of Monroe County NY, largely covering the Town of Hamlin. The districts jointly agreed to study the operational and tax impacts associated with consolidation to address the increasing challenges of finding volunteers, training them to higher standards, and meeting the demands of fire and emergency services under NY’s new property tax cap. Working with district representatives, CGR concluded consolidation could lower costs by 5%, result in better long-term capital purchase power and planning, and streamline the governance structure to promote better cooperation among the fire companies. Commissioners of the 3 districts subsequently voted unanimously to pursue consolidation.

Report Date: Dec 2011
Author(s): Scott Sittig
Subject(s): Government Reorganization/Dissolution , Public Safety , Shared Services/Consolidation
Location: Monroe, New York

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