Otsego County Community Health Assessment - Prevention Agenda Objectives 2014-17

Otsego County engaged CGR to assist with the development of its Community Health Assessment for 2014-17. CGR, in partnership with the county Health Department collected and analyzed data on a variety of health issues, as well as socioeconomic, demographic, educational and environmental data. In addition, CGR facilitated a community stakeholder meeting and developed a community survey to gather input about the county’s health issues and what areas the county should prioritize in its public health work from 2014-17. As a result of this data analysis and stakeholder engagement, Otsego County decided to prioritize the prevention of chronic disease as well as promoting mental health and preventing substance abuse in the next several years.

Report Date: Nov 2013
Author(s): Erika Rosenberg
Subject(s): Strategic Planning , Health , Human Services
Location: Otsego, New York

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