Elm City Communities Strategic Plan 2016-2018 Plan

The Housing Authority of the City of New Haven, CT engaged CGR to facilitate a strategic planning process for the agency. The Housing Authority provides public housing and housing choice vouchers to thousands of low-income or disabled residents of the City of New Haven, and has strengthened its reputation in the community over the past 15 years by redeveloping hundreds of affordable housing units and introducing innovative resident services programs. The Housing Authority turned to CGR to help it build upon those gains and adapt to reductions in the agency’s funding from the federal government.
The project’s deliverables included a scan of best practices nationwide, staff and resident surveys, dozens of interviews with internal and external stakeholders, a two day leadership retreat, and a written strategic plan. The 2016-2018 Strategic Plan was adopted by the Housing Authority of the City of New Haven’s Board of Commissioners at their September meeting. Highlights include adopting new mission and vision statements, establishing a new corporate and organizational structure, developing a financial sustainability plan, and specific strategies to improve organizational functioning and staff capacities.

Report Date: Sep 2015
Author(s): Peter Nabozny , Paul Bishop
Subject(s): Strategic Planning , Organizational Development , Government Reorganization/Dissolution
Location: New Haven, Connecticut

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