Town of Irondequoit Fire Districts - An Analysis of Existing Conditions and Options for the Future

CGR was engaged by the five fire districts of the Town of Irondequoit (Laurelton, Point Pleasant, Ridge Culver, Sea Breeze and St. Paul Boulevard) to conduct a comprehensive study to evaluate their operations and identify options for improvement. CGR conducted interviews with an array of members of each department and town and county officials; gathered financial and operational data from a variety of sources; and led a survey of the firefighting workforce, both career and volunteer. All the fire districts face pressures related to declining volunteer activity, increased service demands and the growing costs of providing fire service. These concerns are common across the volunteer and combination fire service in the U.S. CGR detailed the districts’ strengths and challenges, and explored and modeled a number of options for improvement, including coordinated purchasing and training across the districts, new initiatives to attract and retain volunteers, and a potential consolidation of two districts, Laurelton and Ridge Culver. The consolidation of the two districts was completed in 2021 to form the Irondequoit Fire District.

Report Date: May 2021
Author(s): Paul Bishop , David Riley , Katherine Bell
Subject(s): Public Safety , Shared Services/Consolidation , Government Reorganization/Dissolution
Location: Monroe, New York

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