Analysis of Emergency Medical Services in Irondequoit - Overview of Existing Conditions and Options for the Future

The Town of Irondequoit engaged CGR to analyze its existing emergency medical services (EMS) system and consider options for the future. Traditionally, five fire districts, an independent non-profit ambulance service and a commercial ambulance service have worked to provide the service to the 50,000 residents of Irondequoit. Because of recent changes in the EMS system and concern about future challenges, the Town is evaluating how the service is being provided to residents and whether changes are needed. There are about 20 911 calls for an ambulance each day in the Town. 72% of calls are in areas served by Irondequoit Ambulance, 26% in the St. Paul Blvd Fire District (primarily covered by Monroe Ambulance) and only 2% in the Sea Breeze Fire District.

Report Date: Jun 2021
Author(s): Paul Bishop , Katherine Bell , Kieran Bezila
Subject(s): Public Safety , Government Reorganization/Dissolution , Financial/Budgetary Analysis
Location: Monroe, New York

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