Coordinated Children's Services Initiative (CCSI) in New York State: Implementation Status & Future Directions

CGR completed the first comprehensive assessment of this statewide interagency approach that enhances county efforts to create integrated systems of care, and support services designed to help children at risk of residential placement remain in their homes. CCSI promotes a set of core principles at state and local levels that guide cross-systems planning, funding, and individualized services to children and their families. The CCSI philosophy emphasizes the important role of families, and focuses on building on child and family strengths. In 2002, CGR concluded that CCSI is a viable model that should be continued and strengthened, and presented a number of recommendations designed to strengthen the state-local partnership. Many of the recommendations in the report were subsequently implemented. In addition, a coordinated children’s services statute that amended state Executive Law went into effect subsequent to the report and incorporated a number of issues raised in the report.

Report Date: Jun 2002
Author(s): Donald Pryor
Subject(s): Health , Program Evaluation
Location: New York State

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