Oswego County Public Safety and Criminal Justice System - Evaluation of Existing Conditions and Recommendations for Change

CGR (Center for Governmental Research) was hired to conduct an evaluation of the Oswego Public Safety and Criminal Justice system. The project included a review of the civilian and union public safety services of the Oswego County’s Sheriff’s Department, 911, District Attorney’s Office, Assigned Counsel, county, city, and town/village courts, and Probation Department. The report describes in detail each of the county departments that work in the criminal justice and public safety arena. There were numerous recommendations across all areas of the system. As a first step, the principals of the “system” should work to establish cohesive goals related to improving the performance of the public safety and criminal justice system. While the current operations appear to comply with all relevant legal standards, there was not a clear set of goals to work toward nor an articulated vision of what an ideal “system” should be in the County. Other substantial recommendations included enlarging the DA staff, restructuring the jail to create a larger space for female inmates, reducing paper work in the Sheriff’s office, and improving data tracking in the Probation Office.

Report Date: Jul 2018
Author(s): Paul Bishop , Donald Pryor , Donna Harris
Subject(s): Public Safety , Criminal Justice , Government Reorganization/Dissolution
Location: Oswego, New York

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