The Difference a Diploma Makes - Impact Assessment for an Excel Center High School in Monroe County

CGR was engaged by Goodwill of the Finger Lakes to assess the potential benefits of a tuition-free high school and career acceleration center that would serve adults who dropped out and now wish to complete their education. Specifically, Goodwill is proposing a demonstration project for an Excel Center, a model that other Goodwill affiliates have established in six other states to help adults earn their high school diplomas. CGR estimated the larger social and fiscal cost of dropping out of high school and analyzed several potential benefits of an Excel Center, including increased earning power for graduates, economic and fiscal impacts, possible savings in avoided incarceration and public assistance, and potential to help fill skilled positions in the local job market.

Report Date: Apr 2019
Author(s): David Riley , Joseph Stefko , Michael Silva
Subject(s): Economic Analysis , Education , Evaluation
Location: Monroe, New York

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